Tackle The Mental Health Crisis

After nearly 10 years of government cuts, mental health issues are growing and our mental health services are struggling to cope.

Growing social isolation, reduction in community interventions and community spaces, NHS understaffing, cuts and failure to provide early interventions for mental health patients is putting unprecedented pressure on A&E departments, emergency services and beds. Patients are being forced to suffer further as they wait longer and longer for treatment.

This is leading to at times, tragic consequences with some of the UK’s highest incidents of suicide, happening here in Teesside. We must act.

We must call on national government to address the funding crisis, whilst at the same time we need political leadership at a local level on this issue.  If elected in May, I will bring various stakeholders together to tackle this crisis, looking at new funding and service models, alongside taking a whole system and whole community approach, beginning with tackling some of the causes of poor mental health such as social isolation and poverty.

Are you with me? If you want to join me in tackling our Mental Health Crisis, please sign my petition today.